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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that organisations holding information on individuals by which they can be personally identified must either be able to justify having a ‘legitimate interest’, or must obtain consent to keep such information. SERUG has contact with various groups of people, and our policy is as follows.
Members: we have a legitimate interest in holding data on members, with whom we have a contract that requires us to keep them informed of events, publications, and changes to the organization.
Non-members: Whilst we have a legitimate interest in holding data on individuals who have expressed interest in our work, e.g. by attending an event or responding to our Newsletters . In order to continue to keep them informed of events, publications and changes, we are required to seek their consent to receive communications. If no consent is received, any personal data will be removed from our database. They will be given an opportunity to request this in every communication. Any individual added to the database after 25.5.18 will be asked for their consent to be added.
Other organisations: we only contact those organisations whose details are in the public domain, so there is no requirement to seek their consent.
Erasure: Any individual can request erasure from SERUG’s database at any time by clicking the link (provided in communications and on our web site) or by emailing us. However, it must be noted that the law requires us to retain such details but inactivate them for communication purposes.
Third parties: any third parties collecting details that are passed to SERUG (for example, PayPal) will be asked by SERUG to supply their policy on GDPR issues.
Protection of information: personal information is kept private and held securely. Under no circumstances will SERUG sell or give individual data to anyone for marketing or other purposes not directly related to SERUG’s activities.

We hope you will be interested in SERUG’s activities and be willing to receive occasional emails from us.
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