Visit to Exeter Panel Box.

Thursday 11 October 2018 – for members only.   A fantastic visit to a “live” signal centre, covering Taunton to Penzance and up to Exeter Central and Exmouth Junction. One or two issues were dealt with before our very eyes, with a professional capability which was great  to see. Thanks to Daryl and his team for having us, and answering so many questions and David Northey for arranging the Day.

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 April 2018.  Meeting held with senior SWR representative at Yeovil Railway Centre, followed by our AGM 

  • Hear about your rail services
  • Discuss what works – and what doesn’t
  • What are the opportunities to improve Capacity, Resilience and Rolling Stock

A very useful meeting with Regional Development Manger, (RDM) Andrew Ardley from SWR who answered many questions from the 50 or so attendees, there will be another chance to speak to SWR in March/April 2019 at our AGM..


Wednesday 29th November 2017  – We visited Basingstoke Railway Operating Centre (ROC) .We met  the two Network Rail (NR)  Route (Wessex and Western) Strategic Planners for discussions and saw around this new Centre with the computer signalling, training and TOC (SWR) liaison  .Lunch was kindly provided by NR and after a good Q & A session most of those attending realized that NR do not have much funding to carry out anything except the priority projects. Our line must target CP7 (2024 to 2029) if we want to ensure infrastructure improvements could be delivered.  Overall a very enjoyable, entertaining (Knowledge based that is) visit and all came away with a better understanding of NR work and the severe limitations under which that have to operate.



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